Discover the Origins: Our Pristine Source and Its Time-Honored Village

In the beginning, the exceptionally pure water from the surrounding mountains was invaluable for washing wool, while the abundant supply of fresh water from the Dale River and the narrow inlet to the fjord ensured clean water in Vaksdal. Later on, the advent of hydroelectric power further revolutionized the production of wool garments.

To this day, the village of Dale in Vaksdal, home to 1,193 inhabitants, continues to thrive in wool production, benefiting from superb air quality and minimal pollution. This harmonious coexistence with nature ensures the preservation of our water source's unmatched purity.

Pure Nordic Water holds the exclusive rights to extract the crystal-clear drinking water from a spring nestled in the mountains above Vaksdal. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability is deeply rooted in the village's history and its unwavering dedication to preserving the remarkable quality of the water.